Turnkey landscaping services

Decoration of plants and plants for offices, houses and events. To choose us as a result, you will receive a pleasant memoir about cooperation with us and the decor of your dummy.


Soft and fluffy moss will give originality, and therefore uniqueness in your space.


Using moss, bark or plants in the decoration, in the end you get closer to a piece of wood even more.

Производим мох

We produce moss, we render, we develop the design of paintings and walls from plants and moss.

Коммерческие услуги

1. Commercial Services

Want to bring beauty, inspiration and fresh air to your office? We make individual green walls of plants, unattended walls of moss, to decorate any office. Create your brand, beautiful and aesthetically bold decision.

Прокат стены

2. Wall rental

Want to make an impact without buying bids? Green Ecco Moss offers you customized rental of moss and moss walls for your event. We have developed this service to help you increase investors for your business, or to make the space bright and memorable. We will help you choose the best installation design, we will do the delivery, installation and removal, so you need to observe and enjoy our work.

Торговая выставка

3.Trade fair

Want to give attention? We create an unforgettable impression of the brand with the help of live or careless plants. We also introduce green walls, logos, stand decorations, for exhibitions, press events, product presentations and for marketing activities.

Услуги в частных домах/квартирах

4. Services in private houses / apartments

Each agreement is made individually for our customers, reflecting their environmental needs, personal style, home comfort and an ideal service schedule. Let’s be creative with our company.

Бизнес-Центры и Ресепшен

5. Business Centers and Reception

Plant your business with the help of unique and bright plants that will help your company express your style and reflect your brand. With the positive force of the plants, refresh and energize reception, conference rooms, booths, walls and signs.

With the help of plants, we increase the effectiveness of your employees, raise their morale and create a beautiful and favorable environment.

Индивидуальные решения

6. Customized solutions

We make your full look with the help of designers, materials from wood, plants and stabilized moss. Want to make a non-standard solution? We can help. Leave your details and we will contact you.

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