Phyto paintings and turnkey landscaping!


Soft and fluffy moss will give originality and uniqueness in your space.


Using bark or plants in the decoration, you get closer to a piece of wood even more.

Производим мох

We produce, decorate, glue and install phyto-patterns, panels and panels of moss, with high quality.

Мох для помещений

Designed for indoor use only.

Different shades available

We create a durable, universal, natural art, using a variety of vegetable materials and you get an unsurpassed result.

  • Stabilized plants are not suitable for outdoor environments.
  • We do landscaping in manual.
  • Do not water the plants, maintain the humidity in the room 45-50%

Яркий дизайн из мха

Bright and natural design

We recommend to avoid exposure to sunlight and light sources.

All our products are environmentally friendly, made with care for the environment. With our plants, you will feel in touch with nature, in your home or office.

  • Moss and plants can be placed in environments without natural light.
  • We treat moss without chemicals.
  • We save your time on leaving, with the help of our decor.

Валюта / Сurrency
UAH Ukrainian hryvnia