Our company is new to this field, but we have very good specialists and we want to become a senior company in this segment. We have extensive experience in working with clients.

Yes, the warranty on all our products is 14 days. We will replace you all for free. Contact our main contacts +380996352900 (one of the contacts).

This is a natural moss, the juice of which is replaced by a special solution on a glycerol-salt base or salt base.

Stabilize moss only on certified food additives.

Since the moss is no longer growing and is in a stable condition, it does not need special lighting and watering. Not afraid of decorative lighting. We do not recommend placing under direct sunlight. In case of close contact with heat sources, moss may dry out. In this case, change the habitat of the plants. Maintain moisture in the room from 45%. The recommended temperature in the room where the moss or plants are from +5 to +28. The moss of our production is not afraid of temperature drops to -10 C (not for long). It is considered the norm that stabilized moss does not collect dust. Moss repels dust due to its natural texture and density. If you want to make a moss cleaning procedure, we recommend using a brush for dust or a hair dryer with a cool air stream.

Moss is the softest and most fluffy species of moss. Flat moss, most resistant to sunlight and well combinable. Shot moss is the most popular and eye-catching. Iceberg moss, ordered abroad, this type of lichen is soft and fluffy, as well as popular.

Moss retains its color and elasticity from 8-10 years. Operating conditions in paragraph 3.

We guarantee that our moss is of high quality and stored from 8 to 10 years. We also guarantee our technical support 24/7. In case of non-conformity of the goods, you can return the goods in the flow. 14 days.

Moss consumption per 1 sq. M? – flat moss needs 1 kg (1 pack, 6 layers in a pack) – Ukrainian bears need from 5 to 6 kg (3 packs of 2 kg each) – point moss need 6 kg (3 packs) – Icelandic needles are from 6 to 8 kg (we send 5 kg per pack, it means you need 2 packs of 5 kg each).

Flat moss from 2 to 4 cm, Hummocks from 5 to 8 cm, moss in Ukrainian. from 5-9 cm, Norwegian moss from 6 to 11 cm.

It all depends on the area on which you need to place the moss. Standard packs are 30 cm by 40 cm / height 15 cm. 1 pack contains 1 or 2 kg of moss, depending on the species. 1 kg of flat moss fits, it is 3000 UAH. 2 kg of hummocks is placed, it is 2000 UAH, 2 kg of Ukrainian moss is placed, it is 1800 UAH, 2 kg of Norway moss is placed, it is 2200 UAH. We sell at least 1 kg and a flat one from 0.200 grams.

Yes, we invoice, we give the invoice and for a large batch the certificate of radiology and phytosanitary.

We work on full prepayment or 50% prepayment / 50% after receiving by mail.

For full prepayment upon availability of goods, we ship on the day of payment. In the presence of goods on partial prepayment, we send on the day of payment. In the absence of goods in stock, everything is negotiated by telephone (delivery time and production time).

The standard method is to mount moss on hot glue. Fasten to the desired base, if the base is not prepared, the moss will not hold.

Remove the picture from the sun, put a humidifier. Or contact us for detailed advice, we will help you.

Because we are manufacturers and can afford) and we make pleasant discounts to our customers.

This is laborious work, with natural materials, we make excellent quality and give manufacturer’s warranty. We work on European technologies.

If you want to know all the details of the stabilization process or other information about the stabilization technology, please contact our director to discuss the purchase of FRANCHISTS.

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